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Flowers for Mother's Day are a common thank-you gift for mothers. Different flowers have symbolic meanings though. With Mother's Day coming up on May 12th, here are 6 popular flower choices for Mother's Day.

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Mothers are always there for support no matter a person's age or location in the world. We appreciate everything mothers do but often forget to express gratitude. Flowers for Mother's Day are a common thank-you gift for mothers. Different flowers have symbolic meanings though. With Mother's Day coming up on May 12th, here are 6 popular flower choices for Mother's Day and what they represent:


Carnations, which come in a variety of colors with different meanings are the traditional and one of the best options for Mother's Day flower arrangements. A pink carnation symbolizes a mother's pure love. It represents a mother's undying love for her children that is as vibrant and long-lasting as the flower's lively pink color. A red carnation signifies admiration. Giving a red carnation to your mum on Mother's Day is a great way to show her how much you appreciate all she does. A white carnation indicates luck and good fortune. You can gift a white carnation to wish mom luck or to represent how fortunate you feel to have her in your life.

Mother's Day flowers


Next, orchids carry the meanings of luxury, thoughtfulness, and love. The intricate and exotic appearance of orchids makes them feel special and luxurious. Gifting an orchid literally communicates how much thought you put into choosing the perfect flower for mom. The intensity of colors in some orchid varieties also expresses deep feelings of love for the mother. So get an orchid from a local Coshocton florist - it will remind Mum of your thoughtful love for her long after Mother's Day has passed.


Moving along, tulips come in a rainbow of beautiful colors in almost every flower shop in Berlin - each symbolizes something special. A yellow tulip symbolizes joyous thoughts and pleasure. It's an excellent pick-me-up flower that will brighten mom's day and remind her of joyful times spent with her family. An orange tulip represents passionate feelings and enthusiasm. It communicates great care, warmth, and enthusiasm, demonstrating your strong feelings for your mother. A red tulip represents a proclamation of love, making it the ideal flower for telling mom "I love you" on Mother's Day.


In addition, daisies symbolize innocence and purity. A Mother's Day flower bouquet of daisies is always an eye-pleaser. Its simple yet cheerful appearance makes daisies the quintessential Mother's Day flower gift. They represent a child's love for their mother in its purest form. Daisies also communicate "I'll always be your little girl/boy" as a way to express the enduring bond between mother and child. Gifting a bouquet of daisies is a sweet way to let mom know that her child will always appreciate her unconditional nurturing love. Order Mother's Day flower delivery in Berlin OH!

Flowers for Mother's Day


Moving right along, lilies are elegant flowers signifying beauty, purity, and majesty. White lilies specifically symbolize purity. They represent the virtuous maternal bond between mother and child - a selfless love that is pure and true. Lilies will elegantly communicate to Mom how purely and intrinsically she is loved. The floral beauty of lilies also reflects the qualities you admire in her own elegant beauty.


Roses are perhaps the most famous flower worldwide representing love and appreciation. A red rose unsurprisingly signifies romantic love, but also admiration, respect, courage, and passion. It is the ultimate flower to gift mom to say "I love you." Also, giving a yellow rose conveys joy, care, and friendship to let Mom know she's not just your mother, but also a dear friend you care deeply about.

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